The Well, Awakening, and Worship

A sermon series based on John 4. We have much to learn from Jesus’ interaction with this Samaritan woman.

From Eternity to Eternity

For the summer of 2019 a sermon series delivered based on 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17 called From Eternity to Eternity: How God Claims and Keeps You. In some very compact verses Paul shows the expansive nature of God’s work to save us for himself-electing us from eternity past and securing us for glorification in eternity future. The first sermon appreciates the context for Paul’s theology, a simple prayer that God would comfort his people in their distress.

When Grace Advances

An introductory sermon on Acts 17:1-11 sets the stage for a sermon series on the epistle of 1 Thessalonians. This epistle, one of the Apostle Paul’s earliest, teaches what it looks like when gospel grace moves through the Apostle and into the lives of converted sinners. The church at Thessalonica did at least two things very well–evangelism and love. They also needed to be grounded in the hope of Christ’s certain return. Don’t we need these graces today?

Nurturing a Gospel-centered Marriage

Adult Teaching Fellowship

An in-depth exploration of the biblical principles that free couples to struggle and to enjoy the beauties of  God’s gift of marriage.


These sermons explore why humility is important, how pride operates within the heart, and the connection between humility and many facets of our lives, including marriage, anxiety, wealth, self-control, other-centeredness, and self-denial.

Spiritual Vitality

These sermons examine some of the critical components to staying vital spiritually, such as prayer, longing for the pure milk of the word of God, spiritual warfare, battling with sin, what makes a healthy church, and spiritual rest.

Loving the Least of These: 

Reflecting the Merciful Heart of God in a Fallen World

Adult Teaching Fellowship

Surveying how the Bible answers questions such as: Who is my neighbor? Who is my brother/sister? What are the particular temptations to loving my neighbor? to loving my brother/sister? Who are people in need, what needs especially move the heart of God, and  how does God want me as an individual and us as the church to address them Above all, how do we in the church live out the love and unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace?


Adult Teaching Fellowship

Begging Jesus

A Look in the Mirror

2018 Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Morning Sermons

Advent 2017 Sermons

Recent Sermons

On Shorter Catechism Question and Answer 36

Joshua Sermon Series

Sunday Evening Worship

Evening worship is held, at Wallace Presbyterian Church, the first Sunday of the month at 6 p.m.

Easter 2017 Sermon Series

Advent Sermon Series 2016: Faith and Christmas

Hebrews Sermon Series

Easter 2016

The Songs of Christmas: Advent Sermon Series 2015

Winter 2015

“What Do We Need for the Journey?”

Summer 2015

Elijah/Elisha Sermon Series

Winter/ Spring 2015

Other Sermons

Christ of the Covenants–O. Palmer Robertson

Christ of the Covenants sermon series preached by O. Palmer Robertson