Missionary Support: Sue Loucky CD for sale

Sue Loucky CDs Now Available  The long-awaited music CD produced by Suzanne Loucky, our musical missionary in Vienna, Austria, has arrived!  This CD project is intended to support the ministry to prostitutes in Vienna, such as paying for lodging in a safe house and personal support until the woman can find financial stability.  The funds will also be used to [...]

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Want to find some small, practical ways to help with the Laurel Pregnancy Center?

Would you like to help with the Laurel Pregnancy Center? Frank and Lisa McGovern teach a parenting class at Laurel Pregnancy Center and are preparing for the Spring semester. Wallace has some very special ways we could "adopt" this parenting class. Here are three suggestions: Every week they offer a "door prize" at the end of [...]

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Join Us for Lunch This Sunday!

Please plan to join us after worship this Sunday, February 7, for our annual Chili and Soup Potluck.  Bring a favorite chili or soup recipe (crock pots are welcome) to the kitchen when you arrive, and our volunteers will take it from there!  Also, families please bring either a side dish (salad, bread, etc.) or [...]

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Winter Weather Policy

Sundays: If you wake up to inclement weather on a Sunday, you can find out by 7:00 a.m. about Sunday School, Worship, and Youth Group by going to our home page at wallacepca.org.  We will also change the message on our voicemail to reflect any schedule changes (assuming the phones are in working order), so you [...]

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